Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Most of Mobilehome Park Lease Agreements contain the section: “Upon any sale/transfer of the Mobilehome or assignment of the Homesite, after the beginning date of the term of this Agreement, the then-currrent rent for the Homesite may be immediately increased to the highest rent then charged for any single Homesite in the Community or by up to 10%, whichever is higher.”

It definitely is a scam as a condition of approval for residency. Consequently, a Mobilehome cannot be resold 4 times, because the rent of space will be higher than the rent of an apartment/house. At 10th re-sale the rent will be increased up to 259% based on the formula: rent *1.1 or rent * (1 + 10%). In fact, the Park Owners steal the value of the mobilehome and commit unjust enrichment. Park Owners do nothing, lose nothing, exchange nothing, service nothing but gain 10% unjustly for every month, year by year, increasing forever.

I believe that all of the Park Owners around the nation employ this unfair practice without regard to the U.S., States, and Local Government Law. Also It may be the case that the Park Owners act as the con artists to lure people. You can see and understand the scam as well as its serious consequences on a real case at: http://www.tranlich.com/mobilehome/

This is of State Wide significance, please investigate this matter and you will recognize this unfair practice. Change is needed to enforce the US Law, and to initiate action against these con artists on behalf of all US Citizens and consumer’s interests.


  1. Highlights (www.mscam.org)

    The higher the space rent the lower the value of the mobilehome. As the space rent rises up to $1100 per month, the mobile cannot be resold. At $1500, mobilehome owners will abandon the house and the park owner will acquire the house. Then the park owners will sell the mobilehome to a new owner with new rent of $700. Then the circle of unfair and unethical practice repeated forever.

    Park owners increase rent on each sale/transfer up to 10%. It causes the rent rise up to 259% for the 10th resale. In addition to increasing rent on sale, the park owners increase rent annually by 5%. It is the same as lending a mortgage loan 5%, 30 years fixed. It is 30 years because the mobilehome owner will abandon their house sooner or later. Still, park owners do not give a penny for this annual increase. To understand this evil scam, compare to the minimum payment by government or your salary increase based on inflation, or the price of the house increase in the market.

    By restricting sublease, California Mobilehome Resident Law kills the property right of the homeowners and supports the park owners to steal the value and to rob the mobilehome . The lawmakers mistakenly treat the mobilehome owner as a tenant who has no property and have to rent an apartment.

    To run away the potential punishment for this evil scam the park owners sell their park that require eviction all of the mobilehome.

    It is the injustice that American cannot tolerate. www.mscam.org

  2. Normally, people think "Well, I buy a mobile home for $50,000 and pay the space rent for $700/month. I can live in my mobile home with 4 people. This is better than to rent a small townhouse for $1100/month. I can save $200/month afer $200 set aside for house depreciation If I lose my job or if our family need to move for any reason (ex. relatives died), I will sell the house and get back my money. If I cannot sell my house easily and immediately, I will rent my house. It is American mobilehome lifestyle that contributes great things to U.S. Economy

    However, the rent goes up 5% every year, after 10 years the rent comes to $1,140.23. No body wants to buy your house because "no body wants to pay $50000 the value of the house and the rent of $1,254.25/month (formula 1.1*$1,140.23 = 10% increase rent for new homeowners.)" Why they have to spend $50,000 and $1,254.25/month while they can rent an apartment for $1,300.

    Moreover, you cannot rent/sublease the house under State Law. www.tranlich.com/mobilehome/knowledge.htm

    The problem is that when you bought a mobile home you under-estimated or did not understand the serious impact of the 10 % increase in sale/transfer title and 5% annual increase on space rent. You did not know the State Law prohibit sublease. The Law mistakenly treat you as tenants having no property of $50,000. The rich park owners create/make/influence politician and the law

    You wrongly thought the rent should be increase or decrease based on inflation/deflation. You mistakenly thought you have the right on your property to rent, to utilize it. You thought you can sell your mobile home like selling a car, a house, a property

    Can you sell your mobile home with the space rent of $1,300/month? What can you do if the Park Owners increase the rent up to $3000 month? Who rescue/save/defense you ?

    In addition to the scam, park owners and managers send you notice for violation of all of small thing: side walk, steps, window, roof, air conditioning, tree, paint, safety hat for bicycle, cars not register with managers, number of people living in the house ... etc.. though they steal your house depreciation. They charge extra money for bypass, club house; even though they rent it to the outsider for dancing club, wedding party, martial art .... There are thousand of extra mobilehome rules to add in the 100 pages mobile home law... Park mangers spy your house day and night. They want to make sure you understand that you are their prisoners and under their control. They agonize your mind. They transform your dream of "a little heaven place after work" into a hell of anger on earth.

    How can you escape? Where can you appeal for their violation? No body answer your complaint. Read my letters sent to governent and legislators with no reponse to recognize the reality. They know that and scorn on your family. Let make a research you will see no law, no government can protect you. What should you do is begging

    That is why people want to buy guns and waiting for a big storm or earthquake The law cannot protect all of its citizen There is no absolute/perfect law. People hate vulture investor, hate unscrupulous landowners, hate the law, hate law makers, hate congress man/woman, hate judges, hate rich people, hate.. hate ... hate.... Their hatred is not only for one moment, one day, one month, or one year, but forever.... Hatred is just a re-direction of frustration

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